Student Dress Code 2023-2024

Tyner Academy



The Tyner Academy dress code encourages an atmosphere that is conducive to safety and learning which are essential to providing quality education. It is expected that parents will assist students in adhering to the dress code policy. 

SHIRTS- Polo or Oxford Style Only

  • Solid Black
  • Sold Gray
  • Solid White

  • Solid Gold
  • Solid Tyner Maroon
  • Solid Colored sweatshirts/hooded sweatshirts (colors listed above)
  • Tyner Academy shirts/sweatshirts/hooded sweatshirts
  • Official Future Ready Institute shirts

*Undershirt: Must be solid black, white, gray, gold, or maroon

*Print or Logo: Restricted to credit card-size brand name or logo

*Prohibited: Shirts that are too tight, too short to cover midriff, or revealing of cleavage

*Prohibited: Non-Dress Code Colored Hooded jackets, sweatshirts, and other hooded attire must be placed in locker


  • Only Khaki (light tan) and Black pants, capris, knee-length shorts may be worn
  • Pants must be worn at waist (no sagging) 
  • Slacks/pants to be in good repair; no frayed edges, holes, appearance of holes, rips, or tears

*Prohibited: With the exception of religious attire, SKIRTS/DRESSES are prohibited.

*Prohibited: Nylon wind suits, sweat pants, overalls, jogging pants, jeggings, leggings, tights, pajama pants or garments that do not come down to the knees are not appropriate for school


  • Belts should be worn at all times.


  • Athletic or casual dress shoes only
  • Only closed-toe shoes are allowed at school

*Prohibited: House shoes, slippers, open-toed shoes, flip-flops, sandals, toe shoes (Skela-Toes, etc.) 


  • With the exception of Tyner apparel, all other jackets, sweaters, coats, vests, backpacks, etc. must be placed in lockers. 
  • Small purses are allowed, but administration may restrict pending actual size of purse
  • Non-dress-code outerwear may be confiscated, but may be picked up after school


  • Clothing or accessories that identify student as belonging to or affiliated with a non-school-sponsored group or another school other Tyner Academy


  • Prohibited in instructional areas: hats, hoods, headwear, sunglasses, do-rags, bandannas, gloves, beaded attire, items displaying illegal/contraband, blankets
  • Backpacks to be placed in lockers by 9:00am for the remainder of the school day.

**In matters of opinion, the decision of the school administrators will prevail.

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