EPB Features Tyner in Their Annual Report!

EPB Features Tyner in Their Annual Report

EPB Report
Preparing future-ready students

EPB expanded our commitment to local education this year to include a corporate sponsorship of the Hamilton County Schools’ Future Ready Institute. EPB committed to a long-term partnership with Tyner Academy to create the EPB Institute of Technology and Networking that provides mentorship and training assistance for students interested in pursuing careers in coding and information technologies. The goal of the partnership is to utilize an IT-based curriculum to instill in students a strong understanding of computer systems and programming so they can succeed in high-demand career opportunities. This progressive educational opportunity enables students to participate in the program each year of their High School career. One of the highlights this year was a field trip to EPB, where students engaged with EPB IT employees in a field exercise to help them understand the mechanics of troubleshooting and assembling components of computers.

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